This new Grand-Pappy returned to Cape Canaveral recently from Tampa and in
reading over the stack of TODAY's and SENTINEL's on the porch, happened
upon the Editorial regarding the sad closing of my old hangout - Fat Boy's,
just across the street from my Condo. It remimded me of what I have stored.

The article, or Editorial commentary,  is at:

TODAY Paper Article on Fat Boy Closure.

(I have both the Article and an archived web copy for reference should it
"go away", as did so many other sweet Space Articles a while ago.)

While I was bemoaning the loss one day in January, I was hanging around the
"destruction" site talking with a few other locals and we noted that they
were pulling out and essentially destroying all the "astronaut-polished"
seats from the Booths and the LONG table that graced so many Space Butts
over the last 40 years or so, and I was able to ask for and get the "long
table" seat and a few other seats!! I have photographs of the "acquisition"
and of inside the partially-stripped FB Restaurant that I put up (below) here 
on "".

On the "planks" -- I SHOULD have grabbed them ALL, but felt pretty silly even
loading a long one and a short one into my Bronco, while they were smashing
them with a backhoe to fit into the Dumpster! :-) --  I don't think (unless I
have it cut into really small pieces) that there would be more than 10-15 of
these possible if made to hold an 8x10 photo or the like..  

One is around 8-9' long, 12" wide, and 2" thick.  -- All that nice, varnished, 
historical lumber - To the Dump!! :-( - There was even a crushed tabletop with 
initials cut into it (whose, I don't know) languishing in the Dumpster beyond 
reach!  - Finally guess I am too "old and weak" with this Post-Polio bit
to do the usual old "Dumpster-Diving" thing!! :-)

As to the pictures, I understand a well-known non-local collector (unidentified)
bbought them all for a song..  -- I tried, as did my downstairs neighbor: 
Stefano, the writer..  - Neither of us were successful, nor were a BUNCH of 
others who tried.. 

HECK: IF I had even KNOWN Elise had died and the family was not going to continue
FB's, we all could have BOUGHT the place as-is and run it a Geek-Fest Haven!! :-))

I am wondering whether to put small sections of this Astro-Butt-Buffed
(VBG) memorabilia on E-Bay or, seeing as it's around 8+ feet long, cut it
into mounting boards for Astronaut/Space pictures..



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