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Gemini White-Room
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The Air Force Space and Missile Museum at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station preserves both the hardware and the spirit of United State's ventures into space. The museum displays numerous missiles, rockets and related space equipment, is manned primarily by knowlegeable volunteers, and is open to the public daily. (Subject to launch constraints at times.)

In July, 2000, we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the initial launch here - The launch of BUMPER1 from the Cape! Visit the great coverage of this event by the SPACE.COM folks.

The museum was first opened at historic Space Launch Complex 26 from which the first U.S. satellite, Explorer 1, was launched Jan. 31, 1958. A 40th-year Anniversary Commemoration ceremony was held Saturday, 31 January, 1998, complete with Brevard Emergency Amateur Radio Services (BEARS) Ham Radio involvement. Hams played an important part in monitoring of EXPLORER I..

The museum's grounds include Space Launch Complex 5/6 where the first two U.S. manned space flights by astronauts Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom originated.

The museum complex was the site of many other important launches, including several satellites, and primates Ham, Gordo, Able and Baker. Redstone and Jupiter vehicles also were launched until late January 1963 as part of the NATO training program for Italian and Turkish missile crews.

Visitors can view the development of America's space programs from a unique perspective here. The blockhouse and the control rooms for Complex 26 have been authentically restored with much of the original equipment.

The exhibits and displays in the blockhouse, as well as those in an adjacent exhibit hall, provide a trip back in time to the days when the space race was the foremost event of the Cold War.

See a GREAT Space History Timeline! (Courtesy of Imagination Software, Inc.!!)

The museum can be reached from Cocoa Beach (SR520 at A1A) by traveling north on State Road AlA past the city of Cape Canaveral, just beyond the Port Canaveral entrance, watch for the sign to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station exiting to the right.. From SR528 (Orlando Beachline), traveling east, look for the exit sign to the Base (and cruise terminals) on the right after crossing the Banana River. Currently, self drive-in visits are suspended.

Be sure and visit the expanded History Archives!

As we are growing rapidly, more Volunteers and 50's and 60's-era Exhibit materials are needed! - Contact the Museum Office at (321) 853-9171 to help out!

Some local scenes around the museum! (In work)

AZON Guided Bomb Story

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"Pad Rat" has been used as a colloquial term for those Cape Canaveral/KSC Launch Processing folks who exemplify exceptional devotion to Safety, Reliability and Quality in Launch Facility and Processing matters, Spacecraft Hardware, and to the Flight and Ground Support Personnel who work with and/or fly in The Manned Space Programs. A "Pad Rat" (The omnipresent "Ghost" of a 1960's version appears in the Award), spent so much time, usually above and beyond the required, at the Pad or other Processing facilities, that they were barely discernible from the other resident denizens. Some say they still "haunt" the premises.

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Check out our ISS ALPHA Virtual Tour!
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Hear the LAST Christmas Message from MIR (280K WAV)

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